5 Lamps

    This work was commisioned by The Tenth Man during the  build of The 5 Lamps Brewery on Camden Street, Dublin. The brief was to show a modern representation of Dublin. Visitors to the brewery would begin a tour ascending the stairs up the right hand side of the building where they can see old, found, and archived images of Dublin which were framed and mounted along the wall of the stairs. At the end of the tour visitors would then descend down the stairs on the left hand side of the building where they can see these photgraphs mounted, a modern view of Dublin.

I was honored to have been apart of such an amazing project and seeing my images hung on the walls of the brewery was so incredible. Be sure to pop in to have a look at the images as this was one of my favourite projects to date, although some of the framed images have gone missing in the time they’ve been hung (most likely stolen).